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The Lebanese Association for Energy Saving & for Environment

        ALMEE has dedicated its activities for more than 15 years to Energy Saving and Environment issues in order to achieving a Sustainable and Harmonious Development in Lebanon and in the Mediterranean region. ALMEE is particularly interested to the global environment issues (Kyoto and Montreal protocols). ALMEE worked on developing proposed mechanisms for green house gases emissions in several projects.

        In this context, ALMEE is and was involved in many activities, programs, studies and projects with:

-  DG XVII (EC) synergy program framework: energy and environment in the city.

-  UNIDO TSS1 project relative to monitoring of atmospheric pollution in Lebanon.

-  UNDP & UNEP projects umbrella of GEF and the application of Montreal protocol in Lebanon related to the CFC issue.

-  ADEME (France) with whom ALMEE has signed an agreement of co-operation in the energy and environment fields: DSM project in Zouk / Byblos (Jbeil), educational project « Liban precieux - planete precieuse », energy efficiency in transport, etc........

-  METAP program of the World Bank related to the environmental issues in Lebanon: air, water and waste.

-  European bureau of environment (EBE-Brussels), WWF (Barcelona), cedar (Cairo), ENDA (Tunisia), WEAA (Washington DC), CME (London) and energy-city (besancon).

-  MIO-ECSDE (Athens)

-  UNESCO (Paris) in the framework of the world solar summit program (WSSP) for developing the domestic hot water solar system in Lebanon.

-  Agence Internationale de l’Energie (AIE- Paris) for preparing the energy balances in Lebanon.

-  APUR (Paris) for establishing the environment Atlas of Beirut.

- ALMEE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Water, Energy, & Environment Research Center (WEERC) at Notre-Dame University to enhance their cooperation for a Sustainable Development of Lebanon.

-  UITF member (union des ingenieurs et des techniciens utilisant la langue Francaise).

-  MEDENER founder member (Mediterranean association of the national agencies for energy conservation).  Web address:

-  Climate change enabling activity project in Lebanon: member of the national coordinating committee and team. Prepared the mitigation energy part of the project.

-  PRISME member (programme international de soutien a la maitrise de l'énergie).

-  l'impact de la pollution de la “centrale électrique de Zouk » with ADAEME France.

-  Energy Auditing with the Municipalities in collaboration with IEPF                          

-  Member of the co-coordinating committee for the “climate change enabling activity project” in Lebanon.

-  Member of the mitigation technical team for the “climate change enabling activity project” in Lebanon.

-  Member of the "Lebanese Environmental Development observatory LEDO" in order to set up indicators for Lebanon on energy and climate change.

-  Prepared and edited so far 20 bulletins as well as many brochures on the ozone depleting issues, energy saving, renewable energy, energy auditing, state of the energy in Lebanon and others. ALMEE issues also 2 newsletters per year.