ALMEE LogoThe Lebanese Association for Energy Saving & for Environment (ALMEE)
The Lebanese Association for Energy Saving and for Environment is involved in a wide range of activities related to sustainable practices and other "green" issues. Known by its French-language acronym, ALMEE (Association Libanaise pour la Maitrise de l'Energie et pour l'Environnement), the group describes itself as "a non-political & non-profit association" committed to better handling of multiple issues and technologies associated with Energy and Environment, not just in Lebanon but also across the Mediterranean Basin and worldwide.

Mission and Activities
ALMEE's overriding goal is to develop, increase and promote scientific methods and means contributing to better management of energy and related economic policies, including the following:

• Renewable energy sources like solar, wind, biomass, hydraulic, wood, etc.;
• Technical issues designed to improve energy efficiency, such as insulation, glazing, and the latest heating and air-conditioning technologies;
• Techniques like cogeneration that lessen the waste associated with power generation and industrial processes.

For more than 2 decades, ALMEE has pursued a philosophy of sustainable and harmonious development for Lebanon and the region, gaining a wealth of experience from cooperation with some of the world's leading organizations.
ALMEE's main goal is building awareness and support for better management – and to keep the business community apprised of the tremendous growth potential exhibited by this new and exciting sector.

ALMEE worked on developing proposed mechanisms for green house gases emissions in several projects. ALMEE is involved as well in the ozone depleting issues since 1992

On-going projects:
- EU project MED-ALGAE: Production of biodiesel from Algae in selected Mediterranean Countries.
- EU project CLEANERTEC: "Toward clean Energy technologies and innovative environmental
  solutions in Lebanon".
- EU project RCREEE: Web address: gives general information
  on RCREEE and its activities.
- EU FP7 project RESSOL: Web address:
- EU (INCO) project: REACT: Self-Sufficient Renewable Energy Air-Conditioning Systems for MPC.
  Web address:
- EU (INCO) project: DISTRES: Promotion and Consolidation of all RTD Activities for Renewable Distributed
  Generation Technologies in the Mediterranean Region.
- EU (INCO) project: RAMSES: Renewable Energy Agricultural Multipurpose System for Farmers.
- EU (INCO) project: HYPA Euro-Mediterranean renewable energy partnership. Web address:
- EU (INCO) project: SOLATERM Promotion of a New Generation of Solar Thermal Systems in the MPC.
  Web address:
- EU (INCO) project: SOLAR BUILD Integration of Solar Technologies into
  Buildings in Mediterranean Communities.
- EU (SMAP program) MED-ENEC: Promoting Energy Efficiency in the
  Construction Sector. Web address:
- French GEF framework project PEEC: Energy Efficiency in building in Lebanon.
- EU (SYNERGY program) project Euro-Mediterranean Energy Policy Training Network project.
- EU (SYNERGY program) project with the National Technical University of Athens
  EPU Business Opportunities for CDM Project Development in the Mediterranean.
- EU (SYNERGY program) project with the MEDENER network CDM-ANVIMAR:
  Analysis of Viability of the Clean Development Mechanism in the Mediterranean Area.
  Web address:
- EU (MEDA program) regional project with the MEDENER network ASTEMB:
  Application of Thermal Solar Energy  in the Mediterranean Basin. Web address:
- EU (synergy program) regional project with IDAE (Spain) How to Develop Energy Services Companies
  (ESCOs) in the Mediterranean Countries.
- EU (synergy program) regional project with IDAE (Spain) Energy and Urban Environment
  in the Mediterranean  Countries.
- EU (INCO program) project: SUSTENMED: Dissemination of Sustainable Energy Technologies
  in the Mediterranean Basin.
- Etc.

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