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The Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) is a department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment and its headquarters are situated at Athalassa, in the outskirts of Nicosia. It was established in 1962 as a cooperative project between the government of Cyprus and the UNDP, with FAO acting as the executive agency, and was entrusted to the government of Cyprus in 1967.
It is a governmental, non-profit Research institution engaged in agricultural research and depends almost exclusively on government funding.
In 2000, it has been selected by the EU as "CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE IN AGRICULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT". It has, today, 31 Professional and 31 Technical Staff. Most of the Professional Staff are PhD holders and the remained with MSc.

The institute undertakes applied and adaptive research within the wider domain of plant and animal production. It evaluates under local conditions, resent scientific and technological findings owning at maximizing the utilization of resources and improve animal and plant production. Important disciplines of research, such as Field Crops, Horticulture, Agricultural Engineering, Plant Protection, Soils and Water Use, Animal Production, Rural Development, Agrobiotechnology, Agricultural Economics, Biometry and Information Technology, coexist under the same roof ensuring cooperation among scientists of different disciplines and efficient use of facilities. It also has a central chemistry laboratory providing analytical backup services and pursuing experimental work on pesticide residue analysis. The institute has well equipped specialized laboratories, including a radioisotope laboratory, cold storage facilities, a gene bank, a herbarium, an insectary, glasshouses and a library which receives most of the leading agricultural journals. The institute has an experimental farm, near HQs, where the livestock (cattle, sheep, goats) is kept, and outstations at Achelia and Zyghi for citrus, vegetables and field crops, and at Saittas for deciduous fruits. Extensive experimentation is also undertaken in farmers' fields.

The institute's work is published in international journals or in its own publications series (annual review, technical bulletin, miscellaneous reports, agricultural economics report) in English. The institute is the national AGRIS centre, collecting, cataloguing and indexing the agricultural literature published in Cyprus, and is also the national CARIS centre collating information on on-going research. All this information is supplied to FAO for inclusion in the global databases of the AGRIS and CARIS systems.

The activity of Agricultural and Horticultural Engineering at the ARI, dealing with the engineering aspects of hydroponic systems, climate control of Greenhouses, use of renewable energy sources in agriculture and drying of agricultural products, is housed under the Section of Soils Science. Research is carried out in the fields of renewable energy (selection and cultivation of energy plants and microalgae for production of biodiesel, bioethanol, solid biomass fuels, and biogas, use of solar and shallow geothermal energy for greenhouse heating and for drying herbs and aromatic plants, etc.) and energy efficiency. Within this section research is also carried out in subjects regarding efficient water and fertilizer use in agriculture, safe reuse of recycled water in agriculture, soil fertility improvement to combat desertification resulting from climate change, composting of biomass, etc. ARI is also involved in training of Farmers, Agronomists and Students in the field of Greenhouse management and application of New Technology in Horticulture/Agriculture.

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