Studio Sardo association


Studio Sardo Association

Studio Sardo is an professional association.
It was established in 2000 in Catania (Italy) from prof. Vito Sardo, in order to support several international activities of the Irrigation & drainage, bioenergy, sustainable development, crop cultivation on saline soils.
It had many experiences with the European Commission activities:
It was also partner or subcontractor in various JOULE, FAIR, ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE, INCO programs, Consultant in the Centre International Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Méditerranéennes - Institute of Bari (Italy); Consultant in the Italian Company for Electric Power (ENEL) as expert for bioenergy.
Studio Sardo acquired a great experience with European projects in the specific domains of halophytes, biomass production, seawater utilization and in sustainability evaluation. Furthermore it has strong links with local research centers and governmental institutions, which is useful for disseminating results and giving them immediate application.
In 2011, after the death of prof. Vito Sardo, the association Studio Sardo was renovate from his heirs, in order to continue his activity and his mission.

Mission and Activities
Today the main objectives of Studio Sardo are:

  • sustainable development;
  • bioenergy;
  • promotion of renewables energy;
  • contribute to research and development;
  • environmental policies;
  • disseminating results.

For further information:

Studio Sardo Association
Address: 12, corso delle Province – 95129 Catania, Italy
Telephones: +39 (0)95 385112
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: +39 (0)95 385112


LogossScience and Tecnology Park of Sicily (STPS)

The Science and Technology Park of Sicily (STPS) is a no profit joint – stock consortium of Regional Authority, research centres and companies that operates both in traditional strategic sectors such as Agro-Food, Environment and Cultural Heritage and in emerging sectors such as Technologies for the Information Society, Biotechnology, Bioenergy and Innovative Materials.
Founded as a virtual model, in 2001 it turns into a physical reality becoming a catalyst between the demand for innovative products and processes of SMEs and the innovative solution deriving from the Regional Research System. It is a network-centered organization, a "node" in a network able to integrate, coordinate and evaluate its operational and relational ties.

Mission and Activities

The mission of PSTS is to increase the competitiveness of Sicily Region through research, innovation, technology transfer, dissemination of quality culture and continuous training and attraction of investments.
Besides the ability to develop research and innovation, the PSTS has a solid expertise in managing complex projects, governing the whole process from design to implementation, to reporting.
The PSTS through its cutting-edge laboratory facilities, with high technological equipment and specialized personnel, provides innovative services for SMEs:

- Project management (planning, funding, research partners, reporting)
- Feasibility studies for process innovations and product
- Technology transfer
- Tutoring for potential new businesses
- Matching of entrepreneurs and venture capital investors
- Support for internationalization
- Analysis and testing laboratories
- Hiring and training technology platforms
- Advanced technical training courses and management

For further information:

Parco Scientifico e Tenologico della Sicilia
Address: Z.I. Blocco Palma I, Stradale V. Lancia, 57 – 96100 - Catania
Telephones: +39 095 292390
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: +39 095 292733